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St Patrick’s Day & jiggy stuff

Tuesday, March 29th, 2016

Well after a wonderful Easter out at the Tullamore Irish Festival & the weekend before a jaunt to beautiful New Caledonia for some gigs over St Pat’s week I’m sitting down to write about the fun & craic of the past few weeks.

The Fettler & I started out at Gladesville Sports Club for there annual Irish night and had a blast, as usual then picked up squeezebox king Garry Steel & took ourselves to New Caledonia for the St Pat’s weekend of music & fun. What a hoot. An island melting pot of cultures with a passion for music, we loved being part of the Bar En Live events.¬†

Easter is the annual 5 or so hour drive to over the Great Divide, dependant upon holiday traffic, to the flatlands where sheep & wheat abound and they’re always in need of some rain, to the gorgeous little village of Tullamore. We catch up with the Horsburgh’s & many other locals & experience small country town hospitality for the long weekend. Oh and there’s Gerry the imported Irish, gaelic speaking ex real estate, ex publican, crazy lil’ fella that makes it all tickle along.

We weren’t part of the festival stage this year but the little town really comes alive with lots of young passionate Irish folk singing about all things Irish. It’s just wonderful to hear young people singing traditional songs with so much passion!

Anyways the Irish music will slip into the background now for a bit as the days grow shorter, daylight savings ends & we all settle in for the winter months. Hibernation sounds like a good idea to help lose the post music high comedown. Goodnight.


A few pics from my recent shenanigans.

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